YAYA Sisterhood

We are the YAYA Sisterhood and ours is to create a bond that transcends time, borders and backgrounds.

Yaya: n. Woman origin; Greek

Yaya: n. Miss/Missy origin; Brazilian

Our name YAYA Sisterhood was derived from two movies: Yaya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells, a story about a young woman’s journey of forgiveness and acceptance following a painful past with her mother and The Sisterhood of the travelling pants by Ann Brashares, which follows a story of four friends who after going their separate ways, stay connected to each other by a pair of jeans, to show their tight bond, by taking turns to share the pair of jeans.

We believe that our pain and struggles as women in the country is the glue that binds us, however, truly and innately connected through our femininity.

A strike on one woman is a strike to many. We cannot live in fear from strangers and in fear of the people who claim to love us.

We will be each other’s keepers, friends and confidants as we learn to navigate through life.


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