“Some women pray for their daughters to marry good husbands. I pray that my girls will find girlfriends half as loyal and true as the Ya-Yas.” – Rebecca Wells

YAYA Sisterhood South Africa was founded in May 2017, following a string of attacks on young girls and women. We felt the unwavering need to reach out to young women as an attempt and hope to ensure that no other woman loses her life at the hands of her partner or even a stranger.

It is a space TO BE, share and learn, encourage and provide support to women who have made attempts to leave abusive relationships, but have had nowhere to turn and no one to turn to. The increase on femicide has warranted this blog absolutely necessary.

We at YAYA Sisterhood, are doing away with the notion of “girl hate”, we are choosing to stand by one another as we take the GIANT STEP towards healing but most importantly learning and knowing OUR WORTH.