Get Help: POWA

People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) If you or a loved one is getting abused please consider contacting POWA for help and guidance: If you need help, POWA is here for you. Don’t hesitate to call us. Telephonic Support Contact number: 011 642 4345/6 Email: Counselling Support POWA provides the following services to women who… Continue reading Get Help: POWA


Leihlo la Sechaba – Women Killings

Watch: SABC Women Killings   What did you think of the 11 July 2017 episode of Leihlo la Sechaba? Do you think relatives and friends should be able to report or open cases on behalf of an abused loved one? Share your thoughts on the matter? #womenabuse #womenkillings #sandilemantsoe #KaraboMokoena

The Attitude of Rape

Video: ENCA - The attitude of rape What you are about to watch is a collection of honest conversations with South Africans about sex and power.​ eNCA journalists decided to identify the attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate dangerous stereotypes. Sisters, Brothers.. What are your views? Does South Africa require a reconstruction of social and… Continue reading The Attitude of Rape


Sandile Mantsoe Bail Hearing

Video: ENCA - Mantsoe's Bail hearing postponed Karyn Maughan explains the challenges of reporters not being allowed to report on Sandile Mantsoe's bail hearing. What are your views? If this case has sensitive information, should it still be opened to the public?


Human Trafficking

Two short inserts which highlight the issue of human tracking of women in South Africa   Video 1 : SABC Morning Live - Human trafficking on the rise in South Africa   Video 2: News24 - I survived human trafficking in Johannesburg   Yaya emplores all ladies who find themselves in human trafficking… Continue reading Human Trafficking


Being a woman in South Africa…

Woman, the most revered being there ought to be… Woman, the most vulnerable being the world has borne… Woman, the most resilient being that has lived…. Woman, the most abused being the world has seen…   The South Africa woman has been exposed to an array of challenges, in the workplace, at home and in… Continue reading Being a woman in South Africa…


Curbing further victimization of the VICTIM

Too often, the VICTIM has found themselves at the mercy of law enforcement, society and the perpetrator. Repeatedly having to defend themselves from all forms of attack. This assertion made by the Minister of Police SA, Mr Fikile Mbalula on 31 May 2017, couldn't have come at a better time. It would be a great… Continue reading Curbing further victimization of the VICTIM